Benefits of Partnering With Us

Not only does a partnership with us help protect our planet, it also benefits your business. We are additionally happy to provide pick up services to any business that has unwanted electronics. If you are a large corporation, we can schedule continuous pickups. We can also set up a drop-off location on your campus for your employees.

All E-Waste Is Tax Deductible

As a registered non-profit under the University of San Diego, all electronics given to us are considered a tax-deductible donation. We also accept all electronics broken or working. Your company will determine the value of the e-waste donated to us and can then deduct it from your expense sheet. So call us and schedule an e-waste pickup and partner with us today!

Secure Data Destruction

All computers and laptops are broken down and stripped of their parts. Any items containing a hard drive will either be destroyed or wiped according to Department of Defense standards, based on your preference. This service is also absolutely free! Furthermore, our recycler Cal Micro is R2 and ISO certified to operate within the state of California. This also ensures that the destruction of your data is safe, secure, and responsible. For more information about data destruction and security, check out our recycler’s website or feel free to call us.

Types of Businesses We Partner With:

  • IT Companies
  • Educational Facilities
  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Food Service Businesses
  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Social Change Ventures
  • Other Non-Profits