How ERC Recycles Monitors

Whether it’s the new-age flat-screen or the bulkier traditional monitor, both products yield a lot of valuable, recyclable commodities. These include steel, aluminum, power/breakage boards, copper, and even wood.

Recyclers must carefully break down older CRT monitors piece by piece to reach the CRT tube. This CRT tube is made of leaded glass that can potentially harm the environment and cause adverse human health effects. CRTs also contain various commodities like plastic surrounds, power boards, wiring, a CRT yoke (copper), A-boards, various low-grade metals, glass, speakers, degaussing coils (copper) and the glass CRT tubes.

How ERC Re-Sells Monitors

The ERC receives many monitors that are still functional. So, if they appear to be in good condition with no cosmetic damage, they are placed in the store and available for customer testing.